Experience the local flavours that will not brag and yet you will be delighted with their simplicity and directness. 

Chef Tri lučke

The philosophy of the kitchen

"Our kitchen, in addition to global trends, is marked by reaching for ingredients that are located in our home environment. Our first choice and attention is always dedicated to the quality of food and to the seasonal goods of nature, and the challenge is always to prepare them on a modern level and still preserve the taste of homeliness. Of course, selected exotic ingredient also can be caught on our dishes, which in turn enhance our offer, add vividness and a touch of difference and make the dish complete.  

The flow of history through which the “Tri lučke” shone, is an additional source of inspiration for us, offering us the challenge of preparing almost forgotten dishes on our new, changed way. 

Guests at our estate can always count on the spectacular taste of delicacies prepared in our kitchen. Guests can always enjoy our home-made delicacies such as still hot bread, homemade pasta or homemade sour cabbage and more and more.  

Our cuisine is enthusiastic about the homeliness, which is intertwined with the flow of history and the tradition of the environment and is then transformed into a modern way that gives “Tri lučke” a new wave of freshness and a new splendor.  

Restavracija Tri lučke

With all their energy and passion for local ingredients they will create excitement in your mouth and allow them to wake up your taste buds.

Opening hours

RestaurantThu–Sat: 12 AM–10 PM*
*from April to October Saturday opening hours are adjusted due to weddings (call to reserve a table)


Tri lučke


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