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Behind every unforgettable story a good "writer" is needed. Someone who puts all his passion and energy into a story. Our staff members write these stories every day and it is our duty to introduce them to you.

Dejan Mastnak Tri lučke

Dejan Mastnak

Head of the Restaurant

Is not just a Chef and Restaurant manager, but also an enthusiast and grill expert. His dedication on finding perfect, seasonal flavors with an emphasis on local ingredients lasts for almost 25 years now. 

With “Tri Lučke” a new challenge was presented to him. To compose a special catering offer and to find a team of people for this new story. With that, he managed to conjure up and offer a sense of homeliness at the estate, present an excellent gastronomical offer and combine culinary and wine. Great emphasis is also placed on the integration of top-level local providers from the region and beyond. 

His creative cooking career started at the Tabor Laško Castle and the list of his achievements goes from being a chef in the restaurant of Bled Castle to Head Chef at the Hotel Ajdovec following by management of the cuisine and the restaurant of the Impoljca Mansion, Head Chef at Hotel Celje all the way to the cooperation and consulting of companies such as Lek d.d, Plaza Hotel, The Pule Estate and to this day, as the Head of Restaurant – Head chef at the property of  “Tri Lučke”.  

As a fan of daring challenges, he also prepared some more known banquets, parties, events and picnics, and also quite a few couples in Slovenia said their  “I do’s” in the company of his top-notch cuisine. He is a recipient of a number of culinary awards in Slovenia. Regular education is an integral part of the process, therefore he also conducted a monthly training in Jumeirah's resort in Dubai. Among his latest achievements is the original Weber grill master certificate. 

His secret ingredient: "A mystery spice that raises each dish to a higher culinary level is definitely sincere love and respect for every ingredient."  

The goal is simple-to be a top host.  

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Slavko Gorenc

Sommelier, Head Waiter

His catering route began under the guidance of Dejan Mastnak in Sevnica and together with him, he also created stories at the Impoljca Mansion. He gained experience as Head of restaurant in Krško, the restaurant Ipusa, The Pule Estate and the restaurant Boheja.    

He found out very soon in his career that good food is even better with a true wine accompaniment and with that he completed his education for a wine consultant, so far he has received many medals from the field of wine-making. He sincerely believes that a Sommelier is a noble profession that looks after the raising of the wine culture and enriches the socializing of wine, food and human culture. At the moment he is preparing for the exam of level II. Sommelier, for he believes that a good wine Sommelier should have his own vision as well as a top chef. At the Tri Lučke estate he will greet you in a real Viennese school style and with a typical warm and sincere smile. Allow him to select and recommend the choice of wine during your visit, as his extraordinary knowledge of wine, winegrowers and, of course, cuisine creations that will not be missed. With that we guarantee that your experience will be taken even higher.    

He loves to be different and provocative with a touch of boldness while he tries to catch the harmony between wine and food.  


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