Tri lučke

Anyone who stops on to these beautiful wine growing hills is filled with colourful and changing energy of nature with simple and clean lines of subtle nuances.

Tri lučke Posavje

1874 Prešnica of Counts Attems

The story of Sremič estate started back in 1874 when the first owners Counts Attems from Brežice built a large wooden wine press, which was later declared a cultural monument. This estate only had the role of a wine press for more than 100 years, and after 1985 it was revived as a guesthouse "Tri lučke". According to locals the name of the guesthouse "Tri lučke" represents the three lights on the terrace, which are seen all the way to Krško.

Tri lučke

1985 Guesthouse Tri lučke

In the meantime, the guesthouse has acquired a reputation and a special place among the local people and even today they like to revive beautiful memories. The guesthouse "Tri lučke" was recognizable for its delicious and home-made food and also for their quality staff who took care that the guests were always satisfied.

Tri lučke Posavje

2016 Tri lučke came to life again

After a few year break and a new owner, Tri lučke came to life again in a slightly different image, but nevertheless with preserved symbols - old wine press, three lights and the same mission: bring joy to the visitors and create unforgettable memories with great quality food and kind staff.

Opening hours

RestaurantThu–Sat: 12 AM–10 PM*
*from April to October Saturday opening hours are adjusted due to weddings (call to reserve a table)


Tri lučke


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